My name is RAY MATHIS

I've been an educator for over 40 years now. I spent 33 of those in the classroom, and over 7 since representing the Chicago Institute for Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and speaking to students and teachers in schools and universities, and at state and national conventions for teachers, school counselors and mental health professionals.

I taught health education to high school freshman for those 33 years. I was tasked with helping them prevent or deal with all those mental health, health, social, behavioral and even academic problems and issues they so often struggle with. To do that better, I took 30 post graduate hours in REBT based courses offered for teachers in the Chicago area. They included the primary certification class in REBE, the education version of REBT. That gave me much greater insight into the many problems and issues students so often struggle with, and why they do. It also gave me the "tools" to better help them prevent or deal with such problems and issues. I developed a whole new approach to health education I now call "The Mental and Emotional Tool Kit for Life". That's what I speak about, and teach. 

As I taught these "tools" to my students, it probably did me more good than it did them. I got to practice applying the tools to everyday life problems and issues 5 times a day. I benefited personally and professionally. My own mental health got much better, my stress largely vanished. I became more effective with students, especially the most troubled and troublesome ones. I started seeing dealing with them as a simple challenge, and even opportunity rather than a problem like teachers so often view such students. It's why I volunteered to work with the most troubled and troublesome students at my wife's school, and why that experience ended up being one of the most rewarding of my career. The kids named the groups "Tool Time".

It's also why I taught graduate classes for teachers based on the "tool kit" for two years through the International Renewal Institute - St. Xavier University consortium.

I believe I have a lot to share with my fellow educators because of my 40+ years of experience, and unique training for a classroom teacher. There are almost 40 short articles about education issues and problems listed above. Simply click on "More" to see the complete list.

As Bernie Sanders always says in the current Presidential campaign, this is not about me, it's about the issues and problems we have in this country. This blog is also not about me. It's about the issues and problems that young people struggle with, and we as teachers struggle with in education. It's about promoting ideas, and solutions, not me. That's why I've purposely left my name off this site. If you link to the websites I've suggested in each article, you will be able to find out who I am. However, even those websites are about promoting ideas and solutions, not me. 

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